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Ongoing since 2016

French Blue

Setting up the Revenue Management Department:

  • Defining a pricing strategy to reflect the airline’s low-cost stance: designing products, classes and fare levels
  • Implementing solutions and working methods linked to revenue management
  • Operational deployment of flight optimisation (monitoring growth of flight reservations and forecasts, optimising revenue through load factor and price variables)

Defining the flight programme to destinations on Reunion Island and other potential destinations

Ongoing since 2014

Air Caraïbes

Research for, and implementation of, a long-haul service:

  • Choosing the fleet, helping to negotiate leasing contracts
  • Setting up the operational structure
  • Setting up commercial representation
  • Implementing and supervising Revenue Management

Consultancy and assistance for the negotiation of aircraft and engine contracts

Auditing the maintenance set-up for the regional fleet

Ongoing since 2008

Open Skies

Support and advice during a Merger/Acquisition project, providing assistance with operational issues and everyday management, plus managing the network and yield management:

  • Interim management (designated manager, supervision of operational activities)
  • Assistance with yield management, pricing, flight programme management, network development, and managing the slot portfolio
  • Assistance setting up codeshare agreements
  • Commercialisation of VIP flights on demand
  • Support in upgrading inventory management and commercialisation systems

Ongoing since 2002

Air Austral

Interim management mission, in charge of Flight Programme:

  • Defining, monitoring and adjusting the airline’s forecasting activities
  • Drawing up business plans
  • Assessing future fleets
  • Assessing route openings
  • Assessing and managing the Flight Programme function within the framework of a cooperation project

2014 to 2016 - Regular missions from 2005

Air Calin
  • Interim management of the Revenue Management Department; recruiting and training the new Revenue Manager; scheduling (2014 to 2016)
  • Analysing the profitability of international routes and various business sectors (2005)
  • Research into adapting sales policy to foster the development of tourism
  • Drawing up the Concerted Tourism Development Plan for New Caledonia within a consortium of experts
  • Defining then implementing Aircalin’s New Business Plan


Aigle Azur

Aigle Azur commissioned Aérogestion to review the tools, methods and procedures it uses for Yield Management:

  • Identifying opportunities to enhance performance in the short term
  • Implementing Revenue Management recommendations


Air Seychelles
  • Analysis of route profitability, analysis of price structures in place and opportunities linked to the market, analysis of inventory organisation and identification of necessary changes
  • Analysis of solutions in place and recommendations on enhancements
  • Review of work practices with a view to maximising dynamic flight management

2007 to 2008

Air Service Gabon
  • Economic performance review of routes, analysis of pricing structures in place and possible enhancements, analysis of inventory organisation and identification of necessary changes
  • Analysis of systems in place and identification of possible improvements
  • Suggesting enhancements to work practices in order to identify and subsequently optimise high-potential flights
  • Skills transfer
  • Supporting teams with the implementation of new work practices to validate new skills

2005 to 2008


Creation, interim management, advice to shareholders:

  • Revision of the initial business plan and feasibility analysis
  • Contacting investors, fund-raising process
  • Setting up and managing the project launch team
  • Creating the L’Avion commercial brand plus the related marketing and communication plan for two major markets (France and the US)
  • Setting up a low-cost operational structure that complied with both European and American regulations
  • Negotiating the necessary traffic rights and slots at two extremely saturated airports (Paris Orly and NYC Newark)
  • Running the business, developing sales, and assisting with yield management

Regular missions from 2001 to 2006

Air Tahiti NUI

Support for launch of the Paris-Papeete route from 2001 to 2003:

  • Drawing up a Business Plan
  • Providing a Network and Sales Manager
  • Researching potential markets via a connection in New York
  • Economic and commercial appraisal and diagnosis at the request of the General Manager in 2006
  • Identification of avenues to be explored for a return to equilibrium