Our Expertise

A business’s pricing strategy has a considerable impact on its revenue. At Aérogestion, we help our clients to define – or refine – their pricing strategy with a view to optimising their market position. We analyse past sales records in order to identify purchasing behaviours, subsequently constructing a pertinent price grid based on product and client segmentation. A complete benchmarking study is a prerequisite for adopting either an alignment strategy or a differentiation strategy.

As well as revamping price grids, we also implement dynamic pricing. If revenue management is to be envisaged, prices must first of all be recalibrated and tied into the business’s sales policy and marketing strategy.


Pricing Strategy

Defining sales & marketing policies, constructing price grids, setting up report systems, analysing profitability in light of the pricing strategy

Business Intelligence

Analysing market position in relation to the competition, implementing business intelligence solutions tailored to the specific business sector


Training teams, reviewing work practices, setting up key price performance indicators



Analysing market position in relation to the competition, analysing sales performance and profitability per type of service/product, analysing client behaviour


Establishing client segmentation with a pricing grid that caters for the different client profiles

Pricing Strategy

Defining a pricing policy in line with the business model, auditing sales and distribution policies, analysing results, defining long-term strategies


Creating more opportunities

Coherency between positioning, market threats and opportunities, supply and demand, etc.


  • Optimising sales and prices


  • Generating additional revenue by optimising by-products


  • Optimising direct and indirect distribution channels


  • Aligning supply and demand: the right price for the right client


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